Its Your Time

Posted by Scott // Jan 2, 2016

I’m sure you have heard or said the phrase, “I really need to catch up on __.” Fill in the blank with what ever you are currently ignoring. What it is doesn’t matter. What matters is there is usually something else we wish we could be doing.  Unfortunately for us, the one thing you can never catch up on is time.

Once it is gone, it’s gone.

This concept is the genesis of Brilliant Chemistry.

All too often in life, we are surrounded by professional negativity that we feel unable to leave behind.  It could be the seeming inability to affect change in your projects. It could be you are undervalued or underpaid by your employer. It could be the inability to create because of institutional rules.

We believe life is too short to settle for that.

When we first imagined Brilliant Chemistry, we imagined a way out of these situations. A creative outlet. A way to make more money. A way to feel like what you do matters. All without giving up your day job. Because, we remember, you are still there for a reason.

We can find this creative and financial outlet in side work. Unfortunately, side work has traditionally been a bit of unicorn. You had to be lucky to find a business in the market. With Brilliant Chemistry, we are working on making finding side work easier. We are working on making it easier to be successful at side work. We are making it so getting paid for side work is painless.

Using Brilliant Chemistry, you are in control. You work for who you want to work with. You set your value. You earn the money you know you are worth.

Because, remember, it’s your time. Make the most of it.

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