Now Accepting Credit Card Payments

Posted by Mike // May 26, 2016

During the past few months, we have seen a huge response from people who are looking for side work. It’s been tremendous.

Within all of the great feedback we received, there was a consistent question: “Can I use Brilliant Chemistry if I’m outside of the U.S.?”

At the time, we were unable to help because our payment processor, Dwolla, did not support international payments. This meant that someone as close as Windsor, Ontario (a 30 minute drive from our Michigan office), couldn’t use Brilliant Chemistry.

That was unacceptable to us.

We had always planned on adding international support, eventually. But the enthusiasm from users pushed it up in priority from “eventually” to “as-soon-as-you-freakin-can.”

Starting immediately, we have added the ability for Clients to use credit cards for payment. Additionally, Experts can now securely add their bank account information to accept direct deposit of payments. This means that  international businesses can use Brilliant Chemistry the same as U.S. businesses. For those working internationally, this new system allows you to use services like Payoneer to accept international bank transfers from your Brilliant Chemistry account.

From minutes to years, you can use Brilliant Chemistry to find the right mix of talent for your specific business.

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