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The biggest hurdle to doing side work is finding it. We have fixed this problem. Get access to employers in any geography.

No Worry Payments

Before Brilliant Chemistry, getting paid was always an issue. Wait 90 days? Do I need an attorney? Now, payments are automatic.

Weekly Gut Checks

What's the #1 reason for failed relationships? Poor communication. Wild expectations. On Brilliant Chemistry, both parties are kept in check.
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Opportunity is waiting for you

In the past, you found side work through pure chance. You knew somebody who knew somebody. If that works for you, great.  

For the rest of us, Brilliant Chemistry is how you find side work.

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The Brilliant Chemistry Code of Ethics

Both experts and clients must adhere to a set of standards that allow this community to thrive. Experts can rely on hassle free payments. Clients can trust the people they depend on.

Expert Code of Ethics

  1. I will not use or share my full-time employer’s Intellectual Property for personal gain or share it with others.
  2. I will not compete with my full-time employer or offer my services to a competitor of my full-time employer.
  3. I will not use my full-time employer’s equipment or facilities or utilities to perform work for others.
  4. I will not sacrifice my performance at my full-time employer while performing work for others.
  5. I will communicate and respond appropriately, timely and professionally.

Client Code of Ethics

  1. I will communicate and respond appropriately, timely and professionally.
  2. I will follow through with commitments I make to Brilliant Chemistry projects.
  3. I will not attempt to circumvent the Brilliant Chemistry system or community.
  4. I will give proper notice when projects change or end.
  5. I will honor my financial commitments to my experts.

Businesses: Expert Talent is Here

Finding good talent is tougher than it has been in years. Brilliant Chemistry opens up an untapped market that can move your business forward.

The average Brilliant Chemistry profile has 15 years of experience!

The risk of part time employees is removed with clear, concise information and a scoring system that keeps people honest.

Time tracking, legal contracts, and payments are all handled by Brilliant Chemistry to make your job easier.

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