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That means experienced, savvy, and typically the top 25% of their industry.


Flexible Timing

Less than full-time commitment, but reliable and eager to leverage their skills.


Passion Driven

Very competitive rates compared with studios or consultants.


“Catalyst allowed us to architect and implement a CRM system for a fraction of the cost of a consultancy. The expert we worked with was more than capable, passionate, and really cared about making a difference in our business. We’ve since gone on to use Catalyst for roles all across our business.”

— Dave Walens, CEO of Exploring.com

Here is a small slice of experts available, today!

  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media
  • Accounting

 Move your business forward with experienced, reliable professionals.

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The average profile on Catalyst has 15 years of experience!

The Catalyst Advantage

The platform that wraps advanced technology with a human touch.


Hand Picked

Catalyst Agents work from a matching & recommendation engine that surfaces top talent. Using their vast experience, they can then filter that down to the perfect fit for your need.


Catalyst provides realtime chat and tools to ensure you you known what is being worked on by your team. Weekly Gut-Checks keep communication flowing.



Working with independents requires tools to make sure you aren’t swamped in paperwork and billing. Catalyst makes it effortless.


The Workforce is Changing

Currently, 35% of the workforce are independent workers. That number is growing rapidly as businesses take advantage of the increased flexibility independent workers provide.

Catalyst provides access to professional talent, tools, and knowledge to work with the modern workforce. Don’t miss out. Hit the ground running with top talent, no strings attached.


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