Bc Apps

Product Development Experts

Bc Apps is a product development shop that encompasses all aspects of bringing a software product to market. Our expertise has gained us a diverse range of clients: from tracking commercial trucking movement over the continental United State to supporting First Responders with life saving technology.

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Bc Catalyst

Hiring the Modern Workforce — From Minutes to Years

One Platform. So Many Ways to Work.

From minutes to years, you can use Brilliant Chemistry to find the right mix of talent for your specific business.

Scale up as your needs grow. Scale back as your customer mix changes.

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Bc Connected Business

Harness the Power of Your Data

Bc Connected Business is a service and product offering that combines the convenience of voice and the power of visuals to provide actionable data to business executives.

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Agencies Love Us

"...amazing ability to find niche talent in a short time frame, brilliant!"

Startups Love Us

"...The only way I felt comfortable moving my startup forward..."

Growing Businesses Love Us

"I can scale my business efficiently with a flexible workforce..."

NEWS: BC selected by Tech248 as Talent Partner

What You Get With Bc Catalyst

A Human Touch

BC uses machine learning to narrow down matches for a job.

Subject Matter Experts then review the short list and provide personal recommendations.

Typically, within one business day, you get 3 excellent candidates to select from.

Expert Level Talent

BC's Catalyst platform has a network of experienced, amazing talent. But how?

Customers are guided and educated to have realistic expectations.

Realistic expectations result in higher quality opportunities.

Quality opportunities attracts top talent.

Flexible Workforce

Streamline your hiring operations with the right mix of talent, all from one place.

Save time and money from sourcing and hiring. Posting is free. You are only charged a fee if you hire.

Manage Your Team

BC's Catalyst platform provides the tools to hire people. It also provides what is needed to work in a modern environment.

Real-time Messaging, Time & Performance Tracking, Invoicing & Payments

It's Free to Post a Job

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The Catalyst Platform makes it easy to employ the modern workforce

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From Hiring

  • Job/Project Postings
  • Automated Matching
  • Recommendations
  • Milestone Payments
  • Dashboards

To Managing:

  • Real-time Messaging
  • Gut Checks
  • Detailed Time Tracking
  • Invoicing / Payments
  • Performance Scoring

Are You an Expert?

If you someone looking for side or freelance work, you've come to the right place.

Find out how Brilliant Chemistry works for individuals and how you can start earning more money with rewarding work.

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