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Brilliant Chemistry's Catalyst Selected For Oakland County’s Tech248 “Talent Stack” Initiative

Detroit Metro Area, September 9th, 2016 – Access to talent is the top issue that technology based companies are facing in Oakland County. With over 2,000 technology companies, Oakland County is a hotspot of tech hiring. County Executive, L. Brooks Patterson created the Tech248 initiative to help tech companies collaborate, attract, develop, and retain talent while promoting Oakland County as a global technology hub.

Realizing that avenues like education and legislation are important but long-term solutions, Tech248 approached Brilliant Chemistry to provide immediate relief for the talent shortage faced by companies. Brilliant Chemistry is proud to be named as a key part of the “Talent Stack” created by the Tech248 team, providing Tech248 members with access to freelance and moonlighting professionals.

“With Catalyst, what we have created is an evolution of our experience, and the challenges we faced as a technology consulting company. Not every job or project needs a full time W-2 employee. Not every business knows how to find the right fit for its needs, especially when outside their core area of expertise”, said Scott Garretson, CEO of Brilliant Chemistry.

Michigan based found this concept critical in moving from rough sketches to fully launched web app in less than 6 months. Brilliant Chemistry freelancers provided technical guidance and the needed UX, Design, and Development skills required to build a modern product.

“I discussed my project with numerous consulting companies and never felt comfortable moving forward. The other option, finding and working with a freelancer on my own, was equally as uncomfortable. What I needed was technical expertise I trusted and a team that would deliver a reliable product. I got that with Brilliant Chemistry. With a hand picked team lead by their Advocate service, I was able to successfully launch my business.” said Scott McClure, Founder of

Brilliant Chemistry touts a “Human Touch” as a defining characteristic of their service. Brilliant Chemistry uses machine learning to narrow down a short list of matching talent for a customer request. Brilliant Chemistry’s Subject Matter Experts (SME) then cherry pick from the short list to make actual recommendations for customers. When hiring outside of their expertise, customers are guided and educated on what to expect. Because of this, Brilliant Chemistry opportunities are high quality which, in turn, attracts top talent.

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